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Amnis payments API docs is here to help you integrate with amnis API.

📄️ Create a payment

<p>This endpoint is intended to create a new payment.</p><p><b>Prerequisites:</b></p><p>To use this endpoint you need to have the <b>PAYMENT_CREATE</b> scope for the API Key. Please contact your relation manager to get this permission.</p><p><b>Request Parameters:</b></p><p><b>Beneficiary</b> Object is represented as <a href='/amnis/get-contact-api-contacts-item'>Contact</a> Object.</p><ul><li><b>beneficiary.type</b> : specifies the type of beneficiary and can be either 'legal_entity' or 'person'</li><li><b></b> : indicates the two-letter ISO country code of the beneficiary's country (e.g., 'CH' for Switzerland)</li><li>either <b>bankAccount.iban</b> or <b>bankAccount.accountNumber</b> is mandatory</li></ul><p>Payments created via the API are not signed. All payments made via API must also be signed in the amnis Web App.</p>